Painting Maintenance in Portland OregonIf you run a business that is open to the public and serves customers at your location then it’s probably really important to you that the interior of your facility look top-notch all the time.  This is especially so if you have a professional oriented business such as a dental office, account office, law office, financial offices and more. Our Painting Maintenance Services will keep your business looking good and inviting.  Painting maintenance will also keep your return customers coming back!

Painting Maintenance

Your customers expect high quality from you so how do you think they’d feel about those little nicks and dents on your waiting room wall or the missing trim or baseboards?  Maybe a furniture move has caused some paint damage to repair, or you’d have an accident that requires a wall or ceiling touch up (it happens!).  When you have problems with the interior of your professional building you need a solution quickly and we want you to think about Mayco Painting LLC as that Painting Maintenance solution.

Once or twice a year (more if you need us) we can come and inspect the interior of your facility and touch up anything that needs to be addressed.  Those nicks in the walls, the cracking paint in that one room, whatever the issue you’ll have professional painters attentive to your painting maintenance problem and ready to fix it for you so your business can continue to look good.

Painting Maintenance and Interior Maintenance Services:

  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Baseboard and Trim Touch Ups
  • Painting
  • Plaster

As a business owner or somebody that manages a commercial facility the less phone numbers and people you need to call the better.  If you have problems with your interior paint, wallpaper, trim, baseboards and more and need painting maintenance, Mayco Painting LLC can be your businesses lifeline to looking fantastic all the time.

Our professional painting experts and painting maintenance crew can be at your location usually within a day, sometimes a few hours and will arrive fully equipped with our “painting warehouse on wheels” stocked with paints, primers, finishing tools and various professional tools we use to make your interior look fantastic.  Give us a call today or fill out one of our online forms.

painting maintenance at Mayco Painting, LLC