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Interior Wall Painters

Painting walls inside homes and businesses make up the bulk of a painter's work. Many homeowners choose to venture down this path on their own, and several succeed and end up with nice paint jobs. However, if this is your first time painting, you may not want to spend a lot of money on paints as you aren't sure if it will work. Some others bite off way more than they can chew and either end up with a very amateur-looking job or they cave and call in a professional painter to do the work.

Mayco Painting LLC is a full-service interior painter serving Portland and the surrounding area. Painting interior walls are something our experienced crews do on a daily basis. We can paint a single wall in your home or we can paint every wall in your home or commercial building including all of the trim and baseboards too. If you wanted to try something a little bit different, consider getting a Moss Wall or something similar to add a bit of texture to the room.

There is a lot of work and attention to detail that goes into putting a fantastic coat of color on your interior walls. If it's new construction we'll need to finish and prep your drywall, this involves hours of spackling and filling and sanding and more sanding. If the walls are a few years old we'll have the same work to do filling in little dents, nail holes, and other blemishes on the wall before we ever think about painting.

If you have an older home built prior to 1978 you have the possibility of having lead-contaminated paint. This is not something you should ever be handling on your own. It's not the paint that is harmful, it's once the dust becomes airborne (from sanding and agitation) that the microscopic particles become a health hazard.

Wall Painting Services We Offer:

  • Interior Wall Prep work
  • Interior Drywall Finishing
  • Interior Paint Consulting
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Wall Stripes and Color Accents
  • Custom Wall Colors

We aren't just limited to painting your wall a solid color either... Mayco Painting LLC has several experience craftsman painters on our team and we can do a wide variety of faux finishing techniques inside your home or building too. Everything from texturing your walls to installing new trim, baseboards, custom color accents, striping, and more.

When you choose Mayco Painting LLC for your wall painting project you'll be getting a top-quality painter that will leave you with nothing but beautiful looking walls for many years to come. If you need the walls painted in your home, a commercial building, or an entirely new subdivision we're the painters you should call!

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