Local, Professional, Expert Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Happy Valley, OR

Happy Valley is beautiful place to live, work and raise a family in the Pacific Northwest.  Located only a few minutes from the city of Portland situated to the west and to the east you can see the scenic view of Mt Hood.  The residents of Happy Valley enjoy safe neighborhoods, great schools, beautiful parks and outdoor recreation areas, shopping and all the amenities you’d expect.

In a city with such a rich history it’s not uncommon to find many older homes and buildings that could use the services of a professional painting contractor.

Are you looking for a professional Painting Contractor who serves the Happy Valley, OR area?

Mayco Painting LLC is based out of Beaverton, Oregon but provides painting services throughout the Happy Valley, OR area.  If you are a homeowner, a business owner, a property manager or a real estate agent.   If you are in need of a Happy Valley Painting Contractor what you’re really after is for your space to look beautiful, a painter just happens to be the craftsman you need to make it happen.

We are full service Happy Valley Painting Contractor and we specialize in everything from color and design consultations to painting your house to painting the exterior of a newly renovated commercial building.  Our Happy Valley house painters are equipped to handle any size residential project and small to medium sized commercial painting projects anywhere in Happy Valley, Oregon.

All of our Happy Valley house painting services include a color consultation, prep and masking and high quality Sherwin Williams or Miller Paints.

Professional Painter Serving Happy Valley, Oregon

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Commercial Painting Services in Happy Valley, OR

Happy Valley Painting ContractorPainting your commercial space is a little different than painting a home.  There are many painting contractors who shy away from commercial work because of the extra insurances and hassles involved in these type of projects.  Mayco Painting, LLC can provide you with complete commercial painting services for small to medium scale projects.  Our Happy Valley painters offer our clients commercial color consulting, new office painting, retail store painting, facilities painting and we even offer painting and drywall maintenance packages if your business or facility could use such a service.

 House Painting Services in Happy Valley, OR

Are you looking for a professional  Happy Valley painting contractor to paint your Happy ValleyOR home?  Maybe you’ve just renovated and would like to finish off the final paint choices, or maybe you’d like to change the exterior color of your house or just finish painting that living room or hallway you never were able to finish.  Mayco Painting, LLC offers both interior and exterior house painting services throughout Happy Valley, Oregon.

We specialize in  Happy Valley house painting for property managers and landlords, homeowners, real estate agents and we’re even equipped to handle much larger residential projects such as apartment complexes, townhomes and multi-family units.

mayco logoPainting is one of those trades where there is very little room for error.  If the framing on your house is out an 1/4 of an inch, it’s probably going to be OK.  Other Happy Valley painters can work around it and nobody but the most keen builder would ever notice.  On the other hand…  If a painter settles for anything less than absolute perfection while painting your space it’s going to look horrible.

When you choose Mayco Painting LLC you’re not choosing just  any Lake Oswego painting contractor, you are choosing us.

You’re partnering with a team of talented and experienced craftsman who are passionate about offering a superior Happy Valley house painting service. We take great pride in knowing our work is responsible for the appearance of someone’s home or business.  We take our painting work very seriously.  If you’re searching for the best Happy Valley painting contractor, you’ve just found us.


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