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Many Portland, Oregon homeowners invest thousands upon thousands of dollars building beautiful wood decks onto their homes and properties, So that they can have things like teak garden furniture which allows them to sit outside on summer evenings. Sadly, many of these decks get neglected or not maintained properly and they end up deteriorating and eventually become dilapidated old decks. Our West Coast weather isn’t kind to decking materials that haven’t been taken care of, especially natural wood. Call Mayco Painting LLC for your Deck Restoration needs!

The sun, rain, snow and freezing weather all play a part in the slow destruction of your decking material. Keep your decking options open, you can get creative with how you use colour in composite decking, why not give it a try.

So if you’ve just bought your dream home from Van Hook Realty Group, contact us as soon as possible so we can start looking after your property. Mayco Painting LLC is a full service painting contractor serving Portland Oregon. One of the services we provide is wood deck repainting and deck restoration. It’s a little more thorough than just a simple repaint though. We actually put a lot of thought into our deck restoration process because we want our customers decks to look great.

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Our Deck Restoration Process Includes:

Cleaning Your Old Deck

Usually we start your Deck Restoration process in a similar way to, with a good thorough power washing to get rid of all the years of dirt and grime. We then use professional grade cleaners that can remove the stains and kill the mold and mildew living off the wood. After we rinse everything away, (it’s environmentally friendly by the way), we’re left with a clean wood surface that paint or stain can adhere too.

Neutralizing Your Decks PH

You won’t hear many painters talking about PH but it’s a big deal when you are using cleaners and other professional chemicals to clean wood. Because these cleaners are acidic on the PH scale we need to use a chemical neutralizer to help balance the PH of the wood decking material during the deck restoration process. Many painters have no idea what this step is and it makes a big difference in your final finish and how long your Custom Decks or porches will last.

Sanding and Other Prep

Once the deck has been fully cleaned only then can we really begin our prep work on your deck restoration. Our professionals will now proceed to set nails, secure or replace any loose decking material and other agreed upon repairs. Then we begin sanding your deck, and handrails. You’ll never know we there aside from your beautiful new deck because we take great care in masking your home, gardens and anything not to be painted.

Staining or Painting Your Wood Deck

After our crew has finished with any repairs and the extensive prep work we will be ready to apply your chosen paint or stain.  We will meticulously paint every detail, from the decking material to the stairs, to the handrails and everything in between.  The stains and finishes we use will be resistant to mold, mildew and capable of handling many years of abuse.

If you have a wood deck in the Portland, Oregon area that could use a deck restoration then give Mayco Painting LLC a call today or fill out one of our online forms.

Mayco Painting LLC does Deck Restoration


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