Baseboard Painting, Trim Window Painting, Moulding Painting, and Doors Painting.

Baseboard Painting and Interior Trim Portland OregonBaseboard Painting in your home is a great way to make your interior really “pop”.  If you’re completing a home remodeling project or building a new home then baseboard painting is something someone will have to be doing at some point.  Maybe you own an antique or older home and you’d love to have the current baseboards restored.

Mayco Painting LLC is a full service interior painting contractor specializing in interior trim, moulding and baseboard painting. Our small crew of painters are very skilled craftsman with many years of interior painting experience.

After the ceilings, walls and any other trim the final detail with any painting project is usually the baseboards.  Why?  because the baseboards run along the base of your walls and if you paint the walls and ceilings first, no matter how good the painter it’s likely you’ll have drips from the brush, roller or spray guns on the baseboards.  This takes extra time and results in a less precise job.

Another important point before painting your baseboards is to make sure they are clean. Because they are low to the ground it’s not uncommon for dust and other contaminant build-up to occur so many people want to know how to clean baseboards when this happens.  If you paint over this, it’s not going to look very good. As professionals we’ll spend the time to properly clean, sand and prep your baseboards for painting. We can then finish your baseboards cleanly so they will look great for a long time.

Depending on the skill of the painter baseboards can often be painted without masking or taping off the wall.  Professional painters know how to load and unload the paint brush in more ways then you knew existed.

There are many different techniques and styles that painters use but when you get a chance to watch a skillful painter work you’ll know!

If you want your home or commercial interior to have consistent color and laser straight lines then you need to hire a professional painting contractor like Mayco Painting LLC. A painting company that takes their reputation as quality painters seriously, and we stand behind it on every project.

Baseboard Painting Services We Offer:

  • Doors Painting
  • Trim Window Painting
  • Baseboard Sanding and Paint Prep
  • Baseboard Painting

Baseboard Painting in your home or business is an important interior decorating aspect that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The advantage to hiring a professional painter such as Mayco Painting LLC is knowing that your baseboard painting will look fantastic without your hands having to get dirty.