House Painting Company OregonMayco Painting LLC, is Portland and the Portland Area’s House Painting Company. We are a local, family owned business. We started Mayco Painting LLC to bring professional house painting services.  We offer reliable and affordable painting services to the Portland area and surrounding communities. We are motivated to helping home owners and business owners in house painting, interior paint, exterior paint, exterior siding painting, commercial painting, new construction painting, historical buildings, and many, many more services. Our House Painting Company offers a wide range of interior and exterior painting services, and we approach every project with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. With years of experience you can count on MAYCO, house painting company, to deliver top quality painting services at a price that you can afford. It is our commitment to provide the best quality to every painting project we complete. Our team of interior and exterior house painting specialist help to maintain your most important investment with quality paint maintenance from MAYCO. We have painted hundreds of homes so we have the experience to get the House Painting Job Done Right! We are constantly in direct communication with our customers, (every step of the way), and make sure that each house painting job is over delivered!At MAYCO, we continually strive to achieve excellence and operate our business with honesty and integrity. Our customers needs, concerns and questions are the utmost importance to us and are handled quickly and thoroughly so as to meet or exceed their expectations. It is our commitment our house painting company follow through with what we have promised.

If you’re looking for a professional house painting company in Portland, OR then give us a call today! You can view some of our first-rate house painting and exterior siding work in our Photo Gallery or read Testimonials from our family of customers.

House Painting Company Services


  • House Painting, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting,
  • Preparation and Clean-up, Exterior House Painting, Siding Painting
  • Interior House Painting, Exterior Trim Painting
  • Cedar Shingle Painting and Staining, Deck and Porch Painting
  • Gutter, Downspout and Iron Work Painting
  • Fence Painting, Garage Painting
  • Commercial Painting, Residential Painting

Our House Painting Company Service Area Includes:

  • Washington County House Painters
  • Clackamas County House Painters
  • Yamhill County House Painters
  • Multnomah County House Painters
  • Marion County House Painters

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Mayco Painting Reviews

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Mayco Painting Reviews

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Mayco Painting Reviews

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Beaverton House Painters


If you are searching for reliable Beaverton House Painting contractor in the Beaverton area with a reputation for high quality work then it’s a good thing you found this site - Mayco Painting LLC.

Portland Painters

Portland Painters

If you are looking for a residential painting contractor or commercial painting contractor in the Beaverton area, you can count on the Mayco Painting LLC Team. Give us a call for a Free painting estimate!

Hillsboro Painting Contractors

Hillsboro Painters

If you are looking for a Hillsboro Painting Contractors,  Mayco Painting LLC provides professional painting services throughout the Hillsboro area.

Multi-Family Painting


If you need Multi-Family Painting you realize it's important to maximize value and to show prospective tenants that value. Mayco Painting LLC knows the importance of how your facility needs to look top-notch all the time.

Wilsonville Painting Contractors


Mayco Painting LLC, Wilsonville Painting Contractors offer house painting services throughout Wilsonville, Oregon.  We are the best Painting Contractors in Wilsonville, OR, Call us today!

Tigard Painters

Tigard Painters

If you are a homeowner, a business owner, a property manager or a real estate agent in need of Tigard Painting Contractor, Mayco Painting LLC is an experienced, trusted painter for your all your painting contractor needs.

Mayco Painting LLC Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the painting work we do for our customers. There is nothing that makes us feel better about our painting work than when our customers leave us a great review. Building confidence in the community – that’s important to us.

  • Mayco Painting did an awesome job painting our home. From estimating to completion, they were fast, organized, and thorough. If you need a great painting company, these are your guys.

    Kate B. in Beaverton OR
  • We are very happy with the work that Mayco Painting did for us. They were very thorough and detail oriented and made sure that all the holes were filled roughs spots sanded down and then primed. All trim lines were straight and clean. The house looks great and we're glad to have hire Mayco for the job. We'd definitely recommend these guys for any paint project you may have.

    Homeowner in Portland OR
  • The painting crew was polite and professional. They did an excellent job and I will hire them again

    Homeowner in Tigard, OR

Why Choose Mayco Painting LLC For Your Painting Project?

When you choose Mayco Painting LLC to be hired for your painting project you won’t be getting just another painter.  You’re partnering with a team of dedicated professionals who’s goal is to make your space more beautiful than we found it, with minimal fuss, minimal hassles and a fair price. We have built a strong  reputation based on our quality of work and our customer service. Our reviews and testimonials prove this. When you hire Mayco Painting LLC for your residential and commercial painting project, we will not leave until you are  satisfied. Each job and each client is important to us from the preparation to the conclusion of your service.  If you are looking for painting contractor in Beaverton, then give us a call for a free painting estimate.

                                                                                       Experience the Mayco Painting LLC difference today! Choose Mayco Painting LLC!


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